Environmental Services

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Ashburn Drilling provides drilling service to support environmental groups and companies by setting up a diverse range of environmental monitoring. Ashburn drills holes to set piezometers in the aquifer surrounding coal mines, industrial sites, oil and gas drilling sites, and fuel stations to test ground water quality or collect soil core samples to test for contaminants. We also set slope indicators or perform pump testing for environmental clients. Clients are responsible for collecting and sending samples to the laboratory for testing.


Ashburn drills holes and sets piezometers with 2 inch slotted PVC to place sensors at specified intervals for aquifer monitoring or data gathering purposes.


Ashburn Drilling collects core soil samples that can be used to test for contaminants. These holes can be used to set piezometers.


For testing ground or waste pile stability, Ashburn can place piezometers that enable clients to monitor ground or slope movement.

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