Exploration Services

Ashburn has the expertise and equipment to provide both ground water and coal exploration services. In ground water exploration we partner with hydrologists who perform ground water studies. Ashburn drills test holes and performs pump tests to determine if there is enough water volume for a production well. We perform pump test based on requirements from Alberta Environment and report results in their well log database and collect water samples for water quality, if required. Ashburn partners with geologist for exploration by drilling core samples or bore holes which are logged so that the geologist can collect data on formations.


Ashburn collects core sampling or drills logging/wire line holes to gather data for coal exploration.


To test water well volume, Ashburn conducts pump tests using static meters and data loggers to measure draw down and recovery rate of aquifers.


Ashburn can drill wells in specified areas on mine sites to help dewater before and during mining operations.


Ashburn Drilling can set well casing at a specific depth to prepare well sites for deeper drilling.

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